Are you interested in giving back? Peaceful Moments Inc. Is looking for board members



Young Leadership Academy (YLA)

(Ages 11-19)


Mentorship Program

 (Ages 11-26)


Career Readiness Program

12  Week Program (Ages 18-26)

Additional Programs

Matthew's Closet

As you know, individuals and families in our community go without proper food, shelter and clothes every day due to a variety of factors. Regardless of the situation we want to help. All of us are susceptible to hard times and you knowing where you can find assistance is important to us. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our staff is dedicated to participating in numerous community service projects throughout the year. Whether it is feeding the homeless or making gift baskets, we enjoy giving back and paying it forward. If you want to get involved, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Homeless Resources

Feel Free to contact us about community resources and referrals.

Training & Workshops

  • Become a Better Communicator
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Managing Stress
  • Get Organized!!!
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Dress for Success
  • Take The Stress Out of Job Searching
  • 10 Steps to Entrepreneurship
  • I Want a Career, Not A Job!
  • CPR and First Aid Classes

Additional Services


Looking for a coach? Time for a change? Trying to get back on your feet? So many thoughts, not enough answers? Wanting to achieve your full potential? Let's explore your needs, motivations, desires, skills, and thoughts. 


Need expert advice? Feeling stuck and looking for help? Do you need an industry-specific consultant and a subject matter expert?  You been thinking about starting your own business? You don't know where to start? Resources seem unreachable? Lets explore your needs, motivations, desires, skills and thoughts. 

Resume Writing

You found your dream job but want to impress the hiring manager? Ready for that promotion? Been out of work for a while? You need a resume to apply for your first  job? Just graduated and need a resume? Tired of just having a job and you want a career? Lets explore your needs, motivations, desires, skills, and thoughts.  

Website Design

Looking for someone who specializes in professional website design, mobile websites, content management, and maintenance? You are in the right place. Lets explore your needs motivations, desires, and thoughts.